Improv Training for Leaders – Why Every Manager Should Take an Improv Class!

Improv Training for LeadersDenver, Colorado – What does improv training for leaders look like? With us, through our Corporate Workshops here in Denver, it looks like learning those core skills every manager should be working on – communication skills, collaboration skills, presentation skills, empathy, being an agile leader and being a leader that creates an environment of support and inclusiveness.

Who wouldn’t want to work with, and for, that person?

A recent CNNMoney from Kathryn Vasel highlights the value in companies including improv-based corporate workshops as part of their leadership development curriculum.

The article, titled Why every boss should take an improv class, follows up with several organizations who’ve introduced improv-based corporate training to their staff, with the goal of not only connecting teams (Team Building Workshops are always very popular), but providing each individual with skills and techniques that will help them be better leaders. Whether attendees are currently in a leadership position, or aspire to be.

Some of the quotes from these sessions include:

“So much about leadership isn’t about the answer, but asking the right questions. These improv sessions really get folks comfortable with not having all the answers and being able to think on the fly and also stop and start listening to better understand.”

“Improv can make communication in high-pressure situations easier,”

“We got to know each other on a human level, which helped us collaborate,” said Ken Bazydola from iRobot, after he organized an improv session for a team that are rarely ever in the same room together (working from home offices all over the world).

These sessions set up perfect for teams that are geographically separated, or spend a majority of their time working remotely.

Give the article a read when you get a chance – Why Every Boss Should Take an Improv Class! and you can read more from Kathryn by checking out her Twitter account @KathrynVasel.

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