Presentation Skills Workshop – Denver

Presentation Skills WorkshopDenver, Colorado – Whether you’re delivering a sales presentation, running a marketing meeting, pitching a new product to management, or addressing your team in a weekly meeting – an improv-based Presentation Skills Workshop will help you succeed in any presenting scenario.

As an organization that creates Presentation Skills Workshops, we have a lot of experience honing in on the key skills, tips and techniques that have an immediate impact.

If you are doing some research, you’ll likely notice a common thread pretty quickly in the Presentation Skills workshops offered – all of them, at some level, will be teaching you the rules and techniques of improvisation. As an improv theatre company, these are skills that we use as the foundation for our corporate workshops (and put on display every night on the RISE Comedy Playhouse stage – Improv Theatre in Denver).

Areas we focus on in our customized Presentation Skills Workshop include:

  1. Thinking on your feet: an important skill in any presentation setting, but this is particularly valuable in the sales sector.  Being comfortable “going off script” and truly reacting in the moment, handling questions and objections comfortably and confidently and creating authentic interactions can be a game-changer.
  2. Connecting with your audience. Quickly building rapport with an audience is what we do every night on stage. It’s also an important part of presenting, whether you’re speaking to one person, or 700.
  3. Telling your story. Knowing how to craft a story and have your message hit home when presenting is an invaluable tool. Emotion creates a connection and telling a compelling story is what will drive those positive emotions.

As well as:

  • Expressing ideas clearly and confidently.
  • Handling the unexpected
  • Becoming more self-aware when presenting
  • Active listening and being in the moment
  • Projecting confidence in any situation

These skills and more are covered in our presentation skills workshops. Not only will your team leave with a number of real takeaways they can use in their professional (and personal) lives, but they’ll have a lot of fun.

Contact us to learn more about our Presentations Skills Workshops and how we can design one for your team.

[email protected], or call 303-578-0079 (extension 6).

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