OnBoarding New Employees

Denver, Colorado – When onboarding new employees, let us help speed up the process of connecting them to their colleagues, your organization and your overall company culture.

“The only thing better than hiring a great employee, is keeping them”

Improving onboarding for new employees can be a daunting task – one that is always on the “to-do” list, but is also easy to avoid. That said, making changes in this area doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Even small adjustments can be easy to maintain and have a big impact on new hires, and for your organization

Let’s face it, all too often the onboarding process can be a bit of a drag. Rather than being a fun, invigorating introduction to the team and organization, it’s filled with paperwork, maybe a video or two, policy overviews, forms and quick hellos to a blitz of new faces.

As many studies have shown, this initial phase is a critical time for a new staff member. Why not set it up for success.

We can design a customized onboarding component for your company that is highly effective at starting new hires with an engaging, interactive experience that makes them feel a part of the team, while having a lot of fun in a supportive, positive setting.

It’s designed to create an immediate sense of belonging that is vital for engagement.

Whether you have a formalized “Onboarding” program, or your process of integrating new employees is less formal, we can seamlessly integrate with your approach.

Our “Onboarding” program is:

  • cost-effective
  • impactful
  • memorable
  • and meaningful to your new hires

It’s a staff perk with a purpose – connecting new employees to each other and to the larger organization. It has the added benefit of positively impacting your existing staff as well.

Our session(s) become a part of their story; a shared experience they’ll fondly remember while setting them up to successfully collaborate, communicate and see how they’ll be supported by colleagues, as well as a template for them to be a supportive member of the team.

If you’re looking to give your onboarding of new employees a boost, connect with us to find out more.

Email us at [email protected] or call 303-578-0079 (extension 6).

As well, if you’re looking for a Unique Team Building Workshop in Denver, we work with many clients creating fun team building experiences that have a lasting impact.