Denver stand up classes from the pros!  Have you ever wanted to try stand up comedy? Do you just want to get more comfortable in front of an audience? Do you want to learn humor writing? Well this class is for you! All levels of experience welcome. Whether you are trying to become  a famous comedian, nail that next presentation at work, or cure your stage fright, our Denver stand up classes can help!

In our stand up classes you will learn more about:

  • Different tools for joke writing
  • Exploring your own personal story and what makes you special
  • Stage presence
  • Hosting a comedy show or an event
  • How to edit your jokes, presentations and stories for maximum laughs.
  • How to navigate the Denver comedy scene, and general comedy etiquette

To learn more about the benefits of taking Denver stand up classes, here is an article with 30 more benefits of humor for the workplace!

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Stand Up 101: Intro To Stand Up

Stand Up 201: Expanding and Editing

Stand Up 301: The Business of Stand Up