Company Holiday Party Tips – Surviving the Party Season

Company Holiday Party Tips | RISE ComedyDenver, Colorado – You name it, we’ve probably seen it when it comes to company holiday parties. As a group that spends a lot of the holiday season performing our customized improv shows at these parties (Corporate Entertainment in Denver), we have a front row seat. And with that front row seat comes experience on how one can successfully navigate these events. Here are a few company holiday party tips from us improvisers.

Tip #1) Overindulgence – as in don’t

You knew this one was coming and here it is. You don’t need to perform at a bunch of company holiday get-togethers every year to have a few anecdotes about an employee who was the talk of the party – for all the wrong reasons.

Go easy on the open bar and you’ll never regret it.

Pace yourself, swap out a drink or two with water, leave the doubles for another time. And if you are looking to really let loose that night, wait until your next stop, after you’ve left the party your source of income is tied to.

Tip #2) Dress the Part

Whether there’s a theme (e.g. ugly holiday sweaters), or a suggested dress code (semi-formal, formal, etc.), make note before the party, check-in with co-workers on what they’re up to and take that route. Hoodie guy (and it’s always a guy) sticks out at those suit and gown dinners.

Tip #3) Mingle

Ever been to a party populated by small groups huddled together with tons of space in-between – and rarely do they intersect? Yeah us too.

At this year’s party, break-free and connect with colleagues who you might not otherwise get a chance to spend time with. Maybe they work on another floor, in another department, another location – whatever. Make a point of leaving the comfort of familiar faces you hang with every day, and boldly branch out. You’ll be glad you did.

Tip #4) Leave on a high note

Like George Constanza – head out on a high note. Don’t be the last one out the door (that can often mean you didn’t adhere to Tip #1).

Now this doesn’t mean you should bolt early, but there is a sweet spot for exits. Find it, and head for the coat check. You’ve never going to wish you’d stayed for that last round of shots, last spin on the dance floor, last run at the karaoke machine, etc.

There you have it. A few tips to help you navigate the seasonal fun.

Happy Holidays!

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