Corporate Workshops in Denver

Corporate Workshops in Denver We love creating impactful corporate workshops in Denver (and throughout the State) with organizations of all sizes, from a wide variety of sectors.

“a superb job putting on a workshop for my team…. every single person was talking about how much they enjoyed the experience…so fun, educational, though-provoking, empowering…my team is better because of it.”
– Patrick Borus, Chipotle Mexican Grill

Whether it’s helping build stronger teams (increasing collaboration and effective communication), improving a sales team’s ability to deliver presentations and think on their feet, creating a culture that is agile, managing change and embracing the unpredictable, or a focus that is unique to your group, we have the experience to design a corporate workshop that produces results, based on your vision.

We had a group coordinating changes across policies, processes, tools, and culture, and we were looking for a group activity that would enable us to have fun while also reinforcing how best to work with multi-functional, large-scale groups. After spending time talking with Steve, we knew he understood how to take these concepts and translate learning into fun activities. We certainly did not know what to expect, and our team was a mixture of folks who were “very nervous” and “can’t wait to get started.” Everyone learned something and were still talking about it the next day.
– Leann Dittman, Comcast Cable Services

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As we did with Leann at Comcast Cable Services and Patrick with Chipotle, we consult with our clients prior to our corporate workshops, gathering information about their team, their vision, goals, etc.

Using this information we design your workshop, which will usually be two to three hours (although we can customize for other lengths of time).

Your team will have a great time together, sharing a lot of laughter, as you learn new ways to collaborate, create, communicate, innovate, support each other, etc. working with us in these interactive sessions.

“Thanks for an incredible event! Really rave reviews from the team.”
– Dan Frailey, RuMe

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