Unique Team Building in Denver

Corporate Improvisation

Looking for unique team building in Denver?

Here at the RISE Comedy Playhouse we’ve been working with organizations of all sizes throughout the Denver area to deliver team building experiences that have a lasting impact on your group.

Our clients include Intel, PayPal, eBay, Walt Disney Imagineering, Home Depot, Mercedes Benz, Pepsi, and many other corporate, educational and non-profit groups.

As Denver’s premier improv comedy theatre company and improv-based corporate training organization, we specialize in custom designing team building sessions that are game-changers for groups.

Using our innovative approach, we focus on strategies that will increase collaboration and communication, that create an environment where team members actively support each other, where ideas are valued and built upon. As well, techniques that are designed to unleash a group’s creativity and innovation, to provide a template for new ways of managing change and becoming more agile as individuals and as a team and to embrace the unpredictable.

All while producing a lot of shared laughter and team bonding. Not only will your team leave the takeaways they’ll be able to apply immediately, but they’ll have an experience that will become a part of their story.

Our sessions are typically two to three hours in length. We will tailor it specifically to your group, focusing on your vision and desired outcomes.

Whether you’re looking for a fun outing to reward your team, an activity to bring the team together in a supportive setting if they’re dealing with stress, strategies for helping your group manage a shifting workplace landscape (e.g. new management, layoffs, an acquisition, a significant new corporate initiative) – we can create a session that addresses a wide range of desired outcomes.

Team Building in Denver

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