Public Speaking Tips: 3 Powerful Tips

Public Speaking Tips | RISE ComedyDenver,Colorado – Whether you’re an introvert, an extrovert, love public speaking or feel sheer terror at the thought of a presentation, or giving that maid of honor speech – we’ve got a few tips that will help set you up for success.

As an improv organization, not only do we step on stage every night to perform in front of an audience, (eagerly waiting to be entertained), but we work with organizations all over the Denver area, helping their staff become more confident presenters (Presentation Skills Workshop – Denver).

Here are a few tips you can apply the next time you step in front of a crowd:

Public Speaking Tips:

1) Posture and breathing
Regardless of how you’re feeling inside, strike a confident pose before you hit the stage and continue with it once you are there.  You’ll be surprised at how effective that one simple act is at making you feel more in control. Posture and body language are very important when presenting.Stand up straight, make eye contact, and be mindful of your hands (no fidgeting or hand wringing).

You’ll experience the sensation of feeling ultra-confident and petrified at the same time!

(oh, and take a second before your first words and breathe… while gently scanning the room and letting eye contact happen naturally and gracefully. You’ll feel a sense of comfort and so will your audience. It’s a nice moment for everyone and reduces anxiety for both sides).

2) Slow is the way
Chances are the last speech or presentation you gave had a pretty fast clip to it. It’s natural for people to talk a little faster than normal when it’s go time… the adrenaline is up, and you’re trying to get through it as quickly as possible. Fight this urge. Fight it hard.

Not only will the audience notice right away if you’re on double time with your speed, but it makes it difficult for the audience to digest the content, tramples all over inflection and comes off as anxious.

Force yourself to slow down, take pauses, breathe, and let the room go on the journey with you… rather than thinking of it as a task you need to quickly fly through to get to the end.

Slow is the way.

3) Don’t stick to the script
Firstly, you need to be prepared to feel confident enough to go off-script, but once you’ve looked after the prep work, your presentation is going to benefit immensely from you being present, engaging with the audience and being in touch with what’s happening right in front of you – how is audience reacting, are there opportunities to interject with an anecdote that is “of the moment”, not something pre-prepared?  Look up, make eye contact, watch for reactions and embrace the unpredictable in front of you. It’s engaging and will connect you to the audience.

Feeling comfortable going “off script” and embracing the unpredictable are areas we cover when we work with groups.

And remember to also just be yourself. Even if you’re not a “natural” (few people are), show up prepared and ready to engage the audience and you’ll be a hit.

If your group is looking for as fun, but impactful workshop focused on public speaking and presentations (Presentation Skills Workshop – Denver)reach out and we can discuss.

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