Team Building Activities in Denver (or a Team Outing?)

Team Building Activities in DenverLooking for Team Building Activities in Denver, or are you seeking more of a Team Outing?

Is there a difference you may ask?

Well, actually yes there is.

Both are definitely in the same neighborhood, but quite distinctly on different streets.

First let’s start with the similarities:

  • Both team building and a team outing can add a lot of value for a group.
  • In most instances, the organizer wants the experience to be fun, on some level, for their group.
  • Most team outings are centered around an activity in which the social component is a main focus (organized time spent together).

Think bowling, catching a ball game, painting class, rock climbing, go-karting, trampoline park (for the more adventurous and active teams), or wings, drinks and Monday night football. The goal of connecting the group by spending time together in a recreational setting (i.e. out of the office) can be accomplished in an unlimited number of ways.

Team Building Activities

While again there is certainly an overlap, most team building activities have a different approach. The goals and benefits are structured into the activity (and facilitated by experienced professionals).

We do a lot of Team Building activities in Denver with groups that were initially seeking more of a team outing experience. However, after talking with the organizer, it’s very common to discover that the outcome they were looking for is more suited to a team building activity.

A team outing (or multiple team outings) can be a lot of fun and help connect a group, but they’re not specifically designed to provide techniques, strategies and a template that fundamentally increases the way a team collaborates, communicates and supports each other.

(Check out more info on our Team Building workshops – Unique Team Building in Denver)

Here at RISE Comedy Playhouse, we design team building workshops that definitely check the “fun” box, while engaging your group during a customized session that focuses on your team dynamic – from strategies to increase the way you collaborate with each other, as well as across departments, to unleashing your group’s ability to innovate and create together, to techniques that will shift the way everyone communicates with each other, all leading to a more productive, supportive, happier team.

Again, these are facilitated workshops custom designed to your team and workplace.

If you’d like to learn more about what we offer in our Team Building Workshops, connect with one of us and we’d be more than happy to chat.

Team Building Activities in Denver

If you would like to hear a bit about our custom-designed team building sessions, or even how we can create a fun team outing (including watching improv and grabbing a few drinks with your team) connect with us and we’ll be happy to chat.

Email us at [email protected], or call 303-578-0079 (extension 6).