More Vine Flavors

Random Vine day! Currently searching for random folks on Vine that make me laugh. If you’re ever bored as hell, not doin a damn thing ( well first you should listen to this song: Crudbump – “I Don’t Do Shit” ) then you can just search around on Vine for an hour or six. It’s what Crudbump would do. There’s so many Viners that are funny, I’ll just have to choose three and do some more vine flavors later on. This first one is a young fellow, which seems to be the majority of Viners, for obvious reasons.


Kitchen Fun

This is how you feel right now if you are at work.


Logan Paul. You quite possibly have already heard of Logan cause he’s been on a couple TV commercials. He spends his time doing what boys do, and vining it all.

Embarassing his brother.

Being wasteful.

Being absolutely Ridiculous.

There are some older fellows who participate on Vine as well I’ve found. This guy is a trucker.


Good Morning.

Trucker Testament.

No time for that.

We’ll check out some more viners another day, until then, keep on truckin!

-KJ Willy