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2024 RISE Improv Gym


Sharpen your improv skills
in a flexible environment!

This summer RISE Comedy is starting a gym style option for learning improv!


The goal of the gym is to create a flexible effective option for learning during the summer that allows folks to travel and and not miss out.

We will have several weekly sessions planned in a few different levels of training.
Students will have a regular night but be able to jump into other gym sessions to make up any missed session.

Classes will be 1/2 covering exercises and topics from our core curriculum and 1/2 quality scene/game reps with teacher instruction and feedback.

$179 a month or use our Summer Package and pay all months upfront and save $90 a month with a 3 month commitment
All classes will get a monthly showcase on the last Sunday of the month.
At the end of summer students can reintegrate into our level classes with teacher recommendation.

Sessions would start at the beginning of June and finish at the end of August

Beginner: Joy of Improv (Open to All)

This class will cover the basics of improv while focusing on fun and the many other benefits of improv training. Classes will use improv exercises and the kinds of improv games you might have seen on TV.  This is a great class for beginners, folks looking to think on the feet quicker or growing confidence in front of a group, as well as folks who just to play and have fun with improv.

After summer these students are recommended to sign up for levels 101/201

Currently Offered Sessions 
Sundays 11am-145pm with Nicholle Harris REGISTER

Skill Building (Open to All)

This is for students who know the basics and want to start building the skills and methods the lead to more consistent performances and scene work. This class will cover more complex topics useful in improv performance. You’ll be learning methods, tools and techniques in the first half of class and then working what you’ve learned in the 2nd half through scene work and improv games.

After the summer these students are recommended to sign up for levels 201/301/401

Currently Offered Sessions
Mondays 6:30pm-915pm with Todd Couch REGISTER

Conservatory (Audition or Education Director Approval)

This class is designed for those who would benefit from an environment surrounded by committed peers dedicated to growth on the pathway to being the best performer they can be. Teachers will focus on giving direct and constructive feedback in a supportive but challenging environment. This is for veteran students/performers looking to next level and work with other driven students. In order to create and protect this experience, students must audition to take conservatory level or get Education Director approval.

Currently Offered Sessions
Sundays at 2pm-445pm with Josh Nicols REGISTER
Tuesdays at 630pm-915pm with Alex Nichols REGISTER

Audition Date(s): OCT 2024

The audition panel making the decisions will be made up of diverse and experienced voices. We will audition twice a year but Education Director approval will be ongoing.

Anyone abusing the responsibility of their role in this process will be removed from the panel and may face further disciplinary action. Please check risecomedy.com for information about types of  abuse and how to use our reporting process or you can reach out to anyone in Rise leadership directly.

Conservatory is designed to continue after summer.

Email [email protected] with any questions.