Tom Brady’s Balls Are Perfect – Songify This Group

Howdy Folks the sole purpose of this post is to showcase a hilarious new song by some folks on Youtube called Songify This. We’ve all heard and are already bored of the Deflate Gate involving Tom Brady and the patriots. This video/song is the best thing that has came from this whole scandal (except for the fine and the suspension, ahem). I advise you to sit back and enjoy this wonderful tune, especially if you are a patriots fan. Or any other team of course, because you don’t like the patriots obviously.

Bahahaha. Man. Instant Classic. Well while we’re at it why not check out some of this guy’s previous work. They will get stuck in your head. Here’s a recent one featuring the president and others.

Haven’t been able to get that one out of my head for awhile now. Let’s dig further into this channel. Here’s something quite special. It’s the plot of Home Alone, made into a song. Quite amazing, one of my favorites.

I leave you to replay all three of these for ten days.

-KJ Willy