Jordan Schlansky

Jordan Schlansky is a curious character. That’s just the thing though, a character, maybe. Nobody is real sure if he is really being himself when he is on camera with Conan O’ Brien, or if he is simply playing a character. It is kind of hard to tell because there are people like him in the real world. Silent, confident, and mildly arrogant, Jordan brings joy to many who watch the Conan segments he stars in. Usually not wanting to be on camera at all. Here’s a couple of hilarious examples:

In this segment Conan confronts Jordan about spending company money on an expensive espresso machine.

Conan noticed how unorganized Jordan was and makes him clean his office:

To see all of Jordan’s fun segments, go here:

There you will also find the brand new  “Jordan Schlansky Generator”, which produces random quotes from the segments he was in, quite hilarious.

-KJ Willy