Let’s check out some Funny Or Die stuff shall we? I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this you know what FOD is, if not then you will probably not stop visiting the site until your old, crinkly fingers can’t click-a-da mousey no mo. But by then we’ll have chips in our head so whatevs.

SO, FOD was founded by Will Ferrell and “Gary Sanchez Productions” (which is Adam McKay’s company). The idea (by Michael Kvamme) is the readers read an article, or watch a video and vote that it’s “funny” or they can click “die”. If enough people click “die” that particular piece goes to the crypt. If you find the crypt, don’t expect to see anything funny.

They have re-occuring things or series some with unknowns and some with well knowns such as “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis. Here’s a taste:

Zach has done many great ones, including an episode with President Obama. FOD also does a ton of original material. This next video is one of the greatest ever. It stars Will himself and it was the very first FOD video I ever saw. Pay attention to where his opponent comes from. Instant classic.

One of my favorite things they do weekly is the “Greatest GIFS of All Time of the Week”. It’s a good 3-7 minute break from your work day, depending on how much times you re-watch some of them because of genuine horrification or hilarity. Here are a couple examples:

Peace, Love, and Hilarity,

KJ Willy