Tributes to Robin You Haven’t Seen or Heard

After all the dust has settled from the shock across the world when the news broke about Robin, what we have left is to celebrate his life through the many online tributes and of course re-watching his life’s work. As my wife said when talking about his stand-up “comedy doesn’t just make you laugh you become connected to the person not just the jokes. and when you laugh it doesn’t just help you feel good inside it makes the comedian feel good and and it’s just a giant room full of happy people”. So don’t forget to re-watch his specials. Skimming through the tons and tons of youtube tributes, I found these, a video and a couple songs that you might not have seen yet. These won’t bring you down. 🙂 The last one is my favorite.

The first one is a really great tribute from the Alladin broadway cast after the performance.

This one is probably something you never thought you’d hear. It’s a TRAP song dedicated to Robin Williams.

And my favorite one is a song/video combo byt the one and only Melodysheep. he makes tribute videos to all sorts of great people.

Thanks for watching/reading and Seize the day!

-KJ Willy