Best of CL Denver

Do you ever look at Craigslist for things?  A car? A cat? An obscure object that you’ll never find? Have you ever noticed the little tiny button at the bottom that say “best of” with a little heart next to it? If enough people read one post, and enough people click that best of button, it becomes nominated for the best of craiglist page where you can just go and read the most ridiculous things you’ve ever read for hours. There are a handful of Denver posts that have made it in, check them out, hahahahaha!

Here is a hilariously embarassing story from a man who is making a confession about a water park incident.

This man has a message for the lab lady.

This guy needs his garage space back.

This guy is…desperately funny?

Some classic things come out of Denver. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the country’s stuff.

-KJ Willy