Interesting Funny Apps around the Play store

There’s ton’s of lists of apps to look through, this is a short one. But it probably took me longer to write this post than the other one’s. These apps found in the Google Play Store are supposed to funny/entertaining, after all this is a comedy blog.

#1 – The Ministry of Silly Walks. This app allows you to relive the very hilarious, once widely known silly walks performed by the great John Cleese Himself in “The Ministry of Silly Walks” Sketch on “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”. “As you and your stiff upper lip travel through the streets of London take care to avoid obstacles and pesky pigeons. Bank coins and collect power ups to help take your walk to new heights of silliness.” If that doesn’t get you going, well, no matter who you are really you have to see a sketch.

Haha! From that comes this:

Truly Amazing. Click here to get it.

#2 – Goat Simulator. After downloading this, you can live your second life as a goat. An insane goat (you control him). Who defies the laws of physics and gravity, and it’s amazing…and hilarious. Also it gets creepy at times when you see the goats head flopping around. Here is a horrifying taste:

If you wish to partake in the goat party click here.

#3 – Finally this app here is for your friends who are in fact, not funny. Do you ever get tired of not saying anything or telling them with your own voice, that their jokes just are not and will never be funny? Have no fear, just install “That’s not funny” Free from the Play Store. I couldn’t find any videos featuring this app so I just downloaded real quick. After all I was at work and there were people, talking to me. So yes I used it right away and it worked great. This app features sounds such as crickets or a crowd booing. Also the classic rimshot for sarcasm, and a few other classics. After scrolling through the sounds you reach the voices featuring the likes of Homer (Be more Funny!) and Will Ferrell (You do not interrupt me!). That is pure gold. So download it and use it at work, everyday.

-KJ Willy

Post Script

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