Blog: Greg Giraldo the Harvard Law Graduate

Greg Giraldo was a zinger. That was his gig. Punchline after punchline. Instant classic when he stepped on the stage. For eight months before doing stand-up comedy, Giraldo was a lawyer who had graduated from Harvard Law School. Eight months and he was done with that though, he took a pro-bono case for Jeff Ross, admitted he didn’t know what he was doing to the judge, and said f*** it, I’m doing comedy. I am pretty happy that he made that choice, even if it did disappoint his parents. Every couple months hop on the net and check out a Greg Giraldo video I haven’t seen yet, you got to spread them out when the guy has passed on, don’t watch it all at once. He was a regular on and well known for the torching people on the pupular Comedy Central Roasts. Here’s a video of most of his roasts.


Whew that was a lengthy one, but a good one none the less. The best roaster of all time. Now if you still have time, check out some of his stand-up comedy here: I found a short one for ya since you spent too much of your work day watching the roasts, kind of.


Giraldo had done stand-up on Conan O’ Brien, David Letterman, and Jimmy Kimmel many times over and was beloved by many and hopefully many more in the future. He was also a big part of “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn” on Comedy Central. That show went a little something like this:


From beginning to end unstoppable Greg Giraldo 1965-2010 check him out folks.

-KJ Willy

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