A Few Great Oatmeal Comics to Distract You

This is the Christmas edition of the Voodoo Blog but I decided top make it a little different than all the other xmas blogs that will be decked with bells and bows and white beard hair. I decided to show you three Oatmeal comics that will help you on Christmas. The first will be coffee advice. The second is a guide to cat petting, because you will definitely encounter several peoples cats at get togethers. Last is a spelling test you need to take before you’re “Happy Holidays” tweets. So if you’re just waking up and you haven’t had your first cup yet, read on!

Christmas Morning Coffee Advice:

Alright if you haven’t ran into the horizon and lifted all the Christmas pressure off your shoulders, here’s a guide of how to deal with unfamiliar cats you run into on Christmas:

Alright now that you’ve got that down, be sure to take this twitter spelling test before you write all your xmas tweets, emails and facebook posts. Don’t be the embarrassed one who people laugh at during late parties when the kids are asleep.

The Twitter Spelling Test

Alright, Now go forth my friends, you are ready to tackle Christmas Day!

-KJ Willy

Oh if that wasn’t enough for you check out this Christmas song/video by Jon Lajoie.