Lost Art of Silence

Everybody knows about silent films, but a lot of people have never seen a full silent film. It’s one of those things that if you stumble upon an article about it you’ll check it out, but otherwise you never take the initiative. Well here’s the article you stumbled upon so take a little time out of your day (hopefully you have an enclosed cubicle) to have a little old school laughs. These are all short films just to get you interested. Some silent films are hours long.

This film “Cook, Papa, Cook” was a lost film, all is explained in the beginning. Contrary to some people’s thoughts, old silent comedies do hold up, they still make you laugh. This film is actually pretty funny. So without further ado:


This next comedy starred Buster Keaton. Boy did this guy have what it took. This one made me laugh out loud several times. This is just the “most funny moments” put together in a short video.



Surprisingly, there are people who are making silent films today, seemingly more of a hobby than a money making endevour, but that does not mean they are not good. It doesn’t take much to make one, maybe you should try it? These kids didn’t do a bad job:


Don’t be afraid do delve into the old world of black and white silent comedy films, they used what they had, and still made it hilarious! Humans can make anything funny.


-KJ Willy