Drew “Multifaceted” Fairweather

Ah Drew. Mr. Fairweather. Nonchalant, strange, low-key media mogul. He who drinks beer at his home every afternoon. Drew is about the strangest, subtly awesome guy you’ll ever stumble upon whilst surfing the depths of the web for funny stuff. Eventually, something that he creates on a regular basis and puts on the net, will pop up in your search results on Youtube or just a regular search engine. If not today, it WILL happen. I happen to be one of two people I know who have actually followed Drew since 2002. This is when he began posting his subtle and sarcastic webcomics on his website entitled “Toothpaste for Dinner”. Some classics include:

How the Internet Works

This is a daily comic and he’s been doing it since 2002, let’s just not do  the  math ever in the spirit of Drew. Within the catacombs, you will find  “Facts” that he would like everyone to know, a reoccurring  character  by the name of “Robarb” who is quite creepy, and the  occasional comic  featuring his dog “Chester” which are usually pretty sarcastic. There is quite a bit more you can say about TFD but we should probably move on, there is a lot to talk about.

In collaboration with his wife, Natalie Dee, he does another webcomic called “Married to the Sea” beginning in January 2006, which is also daily and no we’re not going to do that math either. Here’s a couple examples, but you can literally spend hours of your life browsing through the archives of these two webcomics.

Chest Pains – marriedtothesea.com
Fingernails – marriedtothesea.com
















Probably my favorite project by Drew is the rap albums he put out under the name “Crudbump“. The first album released in 2009 some would say is the best one. After listening to “Nastyjams”, most people have to constantly listen to it for a month and show all their friends. At least that’s what I did. The next release is entitled “Real Art”. Both of these albums have huge hip hop beats and sarcastic funny lyrics with a wide range of topics. The most recent release is a theme album based on cannibalism. I do not know why, but I do enjoy the songs. Mostly the songs that do not feature other rappers, that don’t really fit in the Crudbump frame of spittin’ lyrics. It is called “The Judas Beats Album” and is my least favorite, but worth listening too. Here is some Crudbump videos to make you feel better. (Explicit)

-KJ Willy


Post Script:

He also wrote a novel called “Veins” which I have yet to read.