How Denver Improvisation Is The Cure For The Blues

Blues - Denver Improv ComedyNo one likes to have a case of the blues. Busy work and family lives lead many of us to feel down sometimes. An outing to a Denver improvisation club could help improve the situation.

Join Us For The Laughs 

The thing about improvisation comedy is that it makes fun of things on the fly. The jokes do not feel forced or staged because they are not. They are free flowing from the comics. In order to enjoy an improv show, one needs only to enjoy laughing. A lack of comedy and lightheartedness in one’s life can be a major source of stress and depression. Some of that can be relieved at the comedy club

Enjoy A Drink Among Friends Or A Date 

Improvisation comedy can be a very social event. At the RISE Comedy playhouse, we have a full bar and great performers each and every night. We try to make the performances that our audiences see something that they will remember. It is also the perfect place to bring friends or even a date to enjoy the show among those that you care about.

The Best Performers For Our Audience

The RISE Comedy club attracts the best kind of comedic talent from all across the country. Comics that have performed at the RISE Comedy club have also appeared on shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and other popular television comedy shows. They are the top emerging comedy talent of our day, and you are able to see them first at the RISE Comedy playhouse. 

To schedule a reservation or if you have any questions, please contact us and let us know how we can help.