Nick Offerman: A Man’s Comedian Going Full Bush

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Nick Offerman has been in several big films such as the “Jump Street” films, “We’re the Millers“, “The Lego Movie”, and “Casa de Mi Padre“, but is probably most known for his role in the NBC series “Parks and Recreation”.

Meat (Reddit)

Nick plays “Ron Swanson” in Parks & Rec and many people say that Nick and Ron are pretty much the same person, just in different life settings.Which when you begin to dig into Nick on the net seems to ring true. Nick actually does own a woodworking shop called “Offerman Wood Shop” and they do quite amazing work. Also Nick loves meat, and it just takes a quick google search to prove it.

Offerman debuted his last standup film entitled “American Ham” at the Sundance Film Fest this year and got great reviews. According to Nick there is only one sure-fire way to get your film into Sundance and he explained it Conan O” Brien one night so listen up if you’re an indy film maker!



So if you’re trying to get your film into Sundance keep that trick under your sleeve.

Currently Nick is doing films and also doing a comedy tour called “Full Bush” which when I first saw that title, sparked my curiosity very much. I did some searching and found this video where he explains what he means by full bush in a TMI kind of way, and explains how manscaping is an abomination.


Offerman’s “Full Bush” tour starts in two days in Madison, Wisconsin. If you can’t make it to that just be sure to check his stuff out online for a good laugh every once in awhile. This man believes that getting outside and learning a craft is actually worth your time, unlike some folks of this era, I agree. He also enjoys reading the likes of Wendell Berry. Hopefully he comes to Denver sometime soon.

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-KJ Willy


Post ScriptLets not forget Nick Offerman is “Axe Cop”!