From Denver Standup to the Afterlife, Comedy Is All Around Us

Robin Williams - Denver Improv ComedySomewhere in the afterlife, they’re preparing for a comedy showcase. It must be so, after all, because Joan Rivers, who just a month ago shared a tribute to beloved comic Robin Williams, recently passed away.

Who will fill the void left by Rivers, Williams and other comics who’ve crossed over? Here’s whom to turn to when you need a laugh. 

Jim Gaffigan–Gaffigan doesn’t tear into other celebrities–he tears into food–and it’s delicious. Gaffigan is considered by some to be a “clean comic,” which would normally induce a roomful of groans. But he’s actually very good at it. He’s Catholic, too, and has some hilarious bits about Catholicism

Louis C.K.–Unadulterated comic genius. He’ll give you the brilliant philosopher-comedy you missed when George Carlin passed. Both Louis C.K. and Carlin spewed onstage about their views of the afterlife. For the sake of all of us, let’s hope they’re wrong. But they’re funny nevertheless. 

Frank Caliendo–A different feel from Robin Williams, but he’ll satisfy your desire for tangents and dead-on impersonations. We could listen to his Charles Barkley “knucklehead” for days. 

Kathy Griffin–If you’re into Joan Rivers’ style of humor. 

We have some gems in the Denver standup scene as well. Check them out while you’re on this side of consciousness. 

Life is short, so you might as well laugh. Even Joan Rivers said that when you laugh at a problem, you make it smaller (that’s a paraphrase). 

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