Comedy? Don’t Discount Peyton Manning!

Peyton Manning - Denver BroncosThere has been a myriad of great football players that have played for the Denver Broncos over the years, but how many of them have dabbled in comedy? Comedy and football players aren’t usually a pair, there’s a few, but it’s kind of rare. Right now we have arguably the best quarterback to ever play the game, throwing pure precision, who occasionally embarks on a comedic endeavour for the fans pleasure. There are a few really good ones that are definitely worthy of your time. Read below, click on the links provided, and be prepared to chortle.

On March 24th, 2007 Peyton Manning hosted SNL and did a lot of skits. The most memorable one was encouraging people to spend time with their kids. This was so they don’t spend time with Peyton, who turns out to be hilariously opposite of the real Peyton Manning. Take a gander for yourself and try not to laugh!

 – SNL Peyton Manning United Way

Peyton and his brother Eli have recently entered the rap game with two very funny songs for DirecTV commercials. The first, “Football On Your Phone” was released in 2013, and has racked up over eight million views on youtube! Very recently they came out with a highly popular sequel called “Fantasy Football Fantasy” which is already over three million views.

 – Football On Your Phone         – Fantasy Football Fantasy

 Monday August 18th Gatorade teamed up with Peyton and Cam Newton to do a few short Gatorade commercials in a series called “Sweat It To Get It” and they are all pretty funny. Peyton and Cam came out and confronted unsuspecting customers who are told they can’t buy gatorades because they are not sweating. Check these out when you have a little bit of spare time it’s worth it.

Sweat It To Get It Youtube Playlist

Well there you have it, maybe after Peyton retires from the field and has an office in Dove Valley, he’ll have more time for hilarious adventures to make us laugh, let’s hope so!

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