Comedy Improvisation Integrating in the Corporate World: How Will This Change Where You Work?

Corporate ImprovisationComedy improvisation used to be such a unique art form that it seemed like it was too exclusive to only the most skilled people in performance arts. But even those skilled improv artists who can think on a dime likely knew all along that the benefits of improv could go beyond just the performance stage. In recent years, a crossover of teaching improv in the corporate world began as a way to teach employees how to think more creatively. However, it was still a rare crossover that’s only just now started to grow.

This year, corporations are starting to tap even more into the expertise of improv talent to teach their employees a way toward a more interesting work life. It’s a process we may see implemented into every workplace eventually to eliminate the buttoned down and sometimes uninspired atmosphere that plagues many different desk jobs. The good news is that learning comedic improv skills can be applied in multiple corporate categories. This may finally bring real creative thought back to office jobs.

What Categories in Your Work Life Could Benefit from Improv?

If you’ve ever taken an improv class, then you know the incomplete phrase “yes and…” as the basis for all comedic improvisation. It’s a quote you can apply to corporate leadership positions, all the way to dealing with crisis management. This works by basically keeping a pipeline open to ideas rather than having a cut-off point of a “no.” When a situation arises, improv teaches someone to feed off the issue and bring ideas based on what others say or through personal experience.

It might be hard to believe this is all being taught by improv comedians who now work as consultants in corporations. They’re even being integrated into marketing campaigns for major products to get a better flow for creative ideas. Perhaps it explains some of the overly creative and hilarious commercials we’re starting to see on TV lately (e.g. the Geico ads) that sound like an improv comedian on a good night.

The only question is whether the corporate world will take this even further and use improv as the backbone to all their creative efforts.

Can Everyone Do Improv?

Here at RISE Comedy Playhouse, we offer an improv course that teaches anybody who’s open to the possibilities of performing. We’ve proven that everybody has the ability to do improv when you learn how to feed off other people and be forced to think on your feet. The important thing, though, is bringing a sense of clarity so those spontaneous ideas make sense. This can come from shedding inhibitions and creating a shared experience rather than working alone.

The corporate world sometimes has too many people working in their own departments without working together to field ideas. What’s being taught now is that even doing comedy improv during corporate brainstorm sessions can bring ideas nobody would have ever imagined. At the same time, it brings an entertaining atmosphere to the corporate environment that’s already been heavily loaded with snooty stigma.

That’s why we encourage you to take in our improv shows here at RISE Comedy Playhouse, or take on our improv courses to show you how crossover improv can be.

Contact us about our next improv shows, or to learn how to take advantage of our courses. If you work in the corporate world, it may give you inspiration toward hiring an improv comedian who now has “business advisor” as a hyphenate on their business card.