Improv Comedy Training is Available for People of all Skill Levels and Experience

Voodoo-Comedy-Playschool-FinalTired of the daily grind that the run-of-the-mill nine to five job brings? Office managers, accountants, plumbers, data entry technicians, bus drivers, and more unite! If you feel like you may have a calling to let your collective hair down and try taking center stage for a change, instead of refilling the toner in the photocopier or plunging someone’s clogged toilet, then the RISE Comedy Playhouse in Denver, CO has just the thing for you: improv comedy training at the Voodoo School Of Improv.

Who knows? Maybe this is how Eddie Murphy got started? Yeah, I doubt it, but who cares? With new classes starting every two months, you could start your improv comedy training soon, and be the next Bob Hope before you know it. Relax, you don’t need to be the class-clown or the resident office funny-man to sign up. The Voodoo’s improv training is geared to teach people of all skill levels and experience.

There is also a Voodoo Master Series available for learning about specific areas of expertise and performance types. Drop-in classes are also currently running every Tuesday night, and are perfect for first-timers or anybody who has ever just been curious about the art of improv. For more information on course modules, etc., visit the Voodoo School Of Improv page on our website here.

For more information on becoming the next improv legend through the Voodoo School Of Improv, please contact us. We would love to sign you up and see you at the next schedule of classes.