Karaoke Can Help Break the Ice in Bad Relationships During the Holiday Season

Family KaraokeCan karaoke end up being a true ice breaker in bad family relationships? During the holidays, many families will be getting together under one roof and trying to get along with one another for possibly several weeks. While most families get along fine, there’s plenty that don’t and have to find outlets where they can be compatible during the holiday season. Why not try a night out with karaoke together here at the RISE Comedy Playhouse?

The evidence is out there that karaoke can bring peace to the worst types of relationships. How does that usually take place? One reason it’s possible is because it brings a sense of comedy that not many people always consider. While some karaoke singers will seriously think they’re a singing legend in their own mind, others will know that they can’t sing well. But everyone who’s been to a karaoke bar will know that horrendous singing is an accepted part of the process.

When you place that in a group setting of family members who don’t get along, it places all inhibitions aside. During icy family relations, connecting music with loads of laughs can do wonders in bringing a sense of participation. Don’t be surprised to see some family members who usually argue about everything happily doing a duet together on stage through the universal calling of music. 

You shouldn’t just limit it to family relations either and consider the possibilities with marriages that are turning sour. Karaoke can summon passion all over again for having a sense of fun. And not having fun is one of the worst enemies to sustaining a good relationship.

Psych Central points out the importance of being uninhibited in relationships and doing silly things together once in a while. The holidays are a perfect time to do those things when good food and drinks are ubiquitous. That particular atmosphere is going to be noticed when you enter the doors of our RISE Comedy Playhouse here in downtown Denver, Colorado.

For those just visiting us for karaoke, they should stay to check out one of our standup comedy shows or our comedy improv performances. If you make a concerted effort to bring your icy family here, you have a good chance of them coming away with better relations, whether it be karaoke participation or watching our standup comedians. With an open bar, our atmosphere is designed for those who want to have as much fun as allowable.

Take the initiative during the holidays to improve family relations with comedy and singing. While we can’t promise those better relations will sustain past that particular night, one fleeting night of family peace is more than some families can say.

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