What to Expect from Improvisation Comedy

Improv June 09 238Many people enjoy a good comedy, whether they are watching a television show, a movie or a live theater show. While much of the comedy individuals watch is scripted, there’s something that can be said about improvisation. This type of comedy can create an entirely different experience than most people would expect when they go to a live comedy show.

Expect the Unexpected

The most important thing you should expect from an improv comedy show is the unexpected. Everything these comedians say and do is made up right on the spot, sometimes with the assistance of a moderator or the audience. The moderator and sometimes the audience supply the actors with starting points, and it is up to them to create a show out of it. No two shows are ever the same.

Expect to Make Suggestions

Before you attend an improvisation comedy show, it can be fun to think about what suggestions you might like to throw out when asked. Many of these comedy shows like the most unusual and potentially entertaining ideas. Unless you think you can come up with something fast on the spot, think about this before you attend the show.

Expect to Laugh

It may seem obvious that you should expect to laugh when you attend a comedy show of any kind. However, when it comes to improv, you can expect to laugh harder than you’ve ever laughed before. With the unpredictability of the suggestions and the actors themselves, the stylings can often be more humorous than with other types of comedy.

Improvisation comedy is something everyone should try at least once. Before you attend your first show, though, it can be useful to learn what you should expect from the show. An improv comedy show is much different than other types of comedy show because there is no script and the audience can become involved in the action. This can make for a fun, unique experience most people will love!

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