Standup Comedy… You Never Know Who You Might See

chris-rock1Standup comedy can be a wonderful opportunity for all of us to occasionally break away from our stale old routine and get out to enjoy a different night out, while experiencing a few laughs at the same time. It can also be a wonderful opportunity to see a new comic who maybe isn’t very well known right now, but ends up being hilarious and perhaps even famous. Fact is, most successful comedians that you see on the big screen or the small screen today got their feet wet on the standup stage first. 

Yes, from Chris Rock to Jon Stewart, and just about everyone in between, they all continue to wax poetic about the early days, when they were performing in small clubs to slightly unpredictable crowds. So, you really never know when you venture out for an evening of standup comedy if you’re going to run into the next George Lopez while you’re there. Even if you don’t, standup comedy is almost always guaranteed to provide at least a few laughs while you’re there. Sure, you could go with the predictable dinner and a movie if you’d prefer. However, seems like most of us have been to more than our fair share of comedies that don’t result in any laughs at all. Just think about most Adam Sandler movies made in the last 10 years, for instance. Anybody out there actually make it all the way through “Jack and Jill”? Ooph!

The point is, try stepping out of your normal routine once in a while. Skip the predictable, and more often than not, unfunny comedy in the movie theater, and go give standup comedy a shot. You just never know when you might witness the next Adam Sandler in his early days. Yes, just because he was largely responsible for such no laugh extravaganzas as “Jack and Jill”, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”, and a few others, doesn’t mean he can’t be seriously funny on stage with a standup act.

The “RISE Comedy Playhouse” is Denver’s newest and most exciting comedy venue, offering a fun and spontaneous entertainment experience. Come and check out some of the best new and more established talent in the industry at the L.M.A.O. Standup Comedy Showcase every second Saturday of the month. Contact us today for more information. We would love to see you at the next show.