Stop Talking About It

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Have a great idea for an improv show? New form? Improv class? Stop talking about it. Do it. There has never been a better time in Denver to try something new. The city is filled with great improvisers, venues, and opportunities to perform. The Voodoo has been especially open to new ideas and Stephen has been terrific about taking chances on new creative endeavors. If you are fairly new to the improv community, bounce your ideas of some of the folks that have been around awhile.(WARNING: Before you ask an improviser their opinion about improv you may want to pee first). I’ve been so impressed with the groups and concepts that have popped up over the last year. Jane’s Addiction, The Couch, Maury’s Paternity Test, Distort Report, Heir of Hogwarts, The Duel, Mafia MacBeth, Kill Your TV, etc. It’s a great time for Denver improv. Be sure to give your idea time to develop, and you may need to go back and tweak it based on what works and what doesn’t. Even if your idea doesn’t take off, the important thing is that you try it. For the community to thrive we need to keep pushing ourselves, and you never know what the next new idea will bring.