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I’m thankful for having a place to play.

I’m thankful I don’t have to clean toilets to play there.

I’m thankful I’m not censored where I play.

I’m thankful for my players on Distort Report and Idiom. They push themselves each show and don’t rest on their laurels.

I’m thankful that Stephen had the guts and determination to start and build Voodoo.

I’m thankful for everyone who puts their energies into making Voodoo what it is.

I’m thankful for the volunteers at Voodoo. They help keep the theater a well-oiled machine.

I’m thankful for the producers of new shows. It’s not easy to do. It takes guts. We have some great shows at Voodoo.

I’m thankful for improv, it has done more for me than I can put into words. It comes from nothing, and leaves with nothing, just like life. And I’m honored to be doing it at Voodoo.