Make Me Laugh

There’s an old school show I stumbled upon while surfing the net when I was supposed to be doing something else. It was called “Make Me Laugh“. So I started sifting through the videos. The premise of the show is they bring someone up from the studio audience, and the comedians have to try to make the person laugh in a minute. For every second that they don’t laugh, they get $1. I would really like to see this show come back today, for two reasons. The high caliber group of modern comedians we have, and what they will let people get away with on tv these days. I think it would prove quite hilarious. Anywho here’s some of it to check out and see if you agree with me. One thing I noticed is when people are trying not to laugh they make some weird faces.

This video is a compilation of John DeBellis trying to make folks laugh with his stand-up.

Apparently there’s was a really old version and then a version from the 90’s on Comedy Central. Here’s a really old episode where they try to make Frank zappa laugh!

Frank is kind of creepy haha.Finally here is Howie Mandel taking a crack at it!

Well hope you enjoyed a trip back in time! Don’t you think this show with today’s comedians would be amazing?

-KJ Willy