Does Legalized Marijuana Make The Denver Standup Comedy Scene More Popular?

Denver Standup Comedy & Legalized MarijuanaDenver has always been a haven for standup comedy.  Even when standup comedy took a dip in popularity in the 90s and early 2000s, Denver’s standup comedy scene was still alive and kicking. Many local standup comedians perform as opening acts for touring headliners, and standup comedy open mics have popped up all over Colorado in coffee shops, bars, and even the large comedy clubs have open mic nights where audiences can listen to comedy amateurs trying out new material.

Perhaps one of the biggest indicators that standup comedy is popular with Denveraudiences, is that Denver even has a 24-7 standup comedy radio station where clips from classic and current stand up comedians play over the airwaves.  

So, how does the legalization of marijuana in Colorado effect the Denver standup scene? According to Splitsider writer Josiah Hesse, in the article, “How the Legal Marijuana Industry Is Helping Grow Denver’s Comedy Scene,” comedy nights in Denver are just getting better.

“I feel like a comedy show is a concert for a more mature, thoughtful, witty and relaxed audience [than music],” Khalatbari says. “It’s something we will see more and more of in Colorado as cannabis gains its foothold in mainstream society. We all know how large the market is for music in Colorado, and I believe comedy can have that kind of presence as well.”

No studies have been done that show that the audience for standup comedy has grown in Denver since marijuana was legalized for recreational use, so it’s hard to say exactly what impact, if any, marijuana is having on comedy shows. Regardless, Denver has an incredible community of local comedians, and will always be a wonderful host city for big name touring comics.

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