Denver Improv: Should We Be Applying Improvisation in Our Everyday Lives?

Outside By My Fence Right NowIn Denver, improv can be seen everywhere, at least in those who perhaps took one of our improvisation courses here at RISE Comedy Playhouse. It seems we keep seeing more and more people wanting to learn the art of comedy improv to help them in general parts of life rather than becoming seasoned performers. We’ve written recently about how improv is starting to be used in the corporate world and other industries to give a better sense of spontaneity in their careers.

What can we say about general life, though, when making decisions about the most banal things? It seems many of us take things too seriously to a point where making decisions turns us into nervous wrecks while dealing with problems. Call that a lack of Zen if you want, though we’re not all the equivalent of Phil Jackson who can make magic happen while lounging in a chair with a stiff drink.

When we can’t make decent decisions when the unexpected comes up, taking our Denver improv course to help you think on your feet could be the best thing you can do with your life. In the world of parenting, for instance, there’s been recent reports of new mothers taking comedy improv classes to help them deal with their newborn children. Dealing with kids is going to require just as much improv skills as the comedian inventing a routine on the spot with audience prompts. All you need is your newborn filling a diaper to set off that “yes and…” mode in improv to answer the call of taking creative action.

Will You Take Action on Your Life?

We’ve seen numerous people in our Denver improv classes who’ve improved their lives tremendously by being more spontaneous with the unexpected. Most of us forget how spontaneous life becomes, no matter how routine our schedule is at the outset. We also tend to think we can predict an outcome when those outcomes frequently go in different directions from what we envisioned.

When you have a sense of improv built into your mind, you take an unexpected situation and run with it to help improve things. No matter if it’s a negative situation, thinking on your toes can help at least make it more tolerable than just freezing and going into a panic. If you also develop comedy skills, it can even turn a bad situation into something good based on how you make other people react to you.

Our improv performers here in Denver constantly amaze our audiences at their inventiveness. Take it from them that your life will have much more excitement and meaning learning their skills. If you don’t have time for classes, you can at least learn something by just watching them perform. Once they have you on the floor in hysterical laughter, you’ll realize the beauty of what improv can do in controlling any situation, no matter how left field it is.

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