Denver Standup Comedy: A Reason for Being

Chuck Roy - Denver Standup ComedyLaughter is a shared human experience. It can bring joy to a gloomy day. Laughter has even been shown to help people’s health improve when they’re ill. Humor brings people together. That’s why if you feel bored and are starving for something new and interesting, live comedy is an art form well worth your time and attention.

For an audience:

It is an experience unlike any other in the performing arts world. With theater, there’s a story, it’s linear and predictable. Comedy offers something to it’s audience that no other art form can truly deliver on a regular basis; the unknown. Whether it’s a stand up act or an improvisation crew, comedy is very hard to predict. The unique perspective of the comedian gives it that edge and it’s an edge that the Denver standup comedy scene can provide.

As an audience member, a comedy show is the perfect way to set the tone for the evening. A great night out is always characterized by how much fun you have. No one ever looks back and goes, “Hey, remember that night we sat at home all night? Super boring!” No! They say, “Hey, do you remember that time we saw that hilarious show at the RISE Comedy Playhouse?” Because a night out at a great comedy show is always a night worth remembering.

For the comedian in all of us:

Stand up comedy is an art form that is in the moment. From the second you step on stage for the next five, ten minutes, or, if you’re lucky, longer, the audience’s attention is on you. The laughter is addicting. The sensation one feels from making a group of complete strangers laugh uproariously is a feeling I’m afraid language fails to be able to describe. Once you get bit by a great set, comedy has you. Laughter becomes your drug. Your fix. But in order to get more laughs you have to write more, write better. It becomes an obsession, it has to. 

But always it remains as an odd form of self therapy, because as your material develops and grows you start to put more of yourself into it. You start to analyze not only the world around you but yourself as well. Your habits, your behavior, your past. It widens your gaze. Comedy, if nothing else, can help to teach everyone to be able to find the funny in just about any situation.

Where do I go from here?

You may be asking yourself, “How do I get started?” The answer is quite simple, actually, because the best place to start is right at home. Check out some of your favorite comedians. Watch them. Learn from them. Then, simply hit up your local comedy scene. Often bars or clubs, such as the RISE Comedy Playhouse, will have both professional and amateur shows featuring great local and traveling comics. 

From there the sky is the limit. Comedy offers a wide range of outlets to those who choose to take up the art form. You could perform straight stand up comedy, just you, a microphone, and the audience. Or, if the group thing is more your style, maybe improvisation would be something to get into. Many comedy venues even offer classes to help you get started. Give it a try, I promise it’ll be fun.