10 Reasons you Need to Be Singing Karaoke

RISE Comedy Playhouse - Denver KaraokeYou walk into the bar or club, and you hear it.  You wonder what that sound is.  You realize it’s music.  You begin to make out the melody and the words.  The songs are classic pop-culture.  You’ve heard them on the radio, and some you know by heart — but you don’t recognize the voice singing the song. (And you’re sure that note might be a little flat.) Then it hits you.  You’ve just walked into the wonderful world of karaoke at the RISE Comedy Playhouse in Denver, Colorado

It looks like a lot of fun, but you’re uncertain you want to join in.  Understandably, a lot of people are hesitant to stand up in front of strangers and open themselves up to embarrassment and ridicule.  Others just lack confidence.  These people are missing out on a number of benefits that karaoke can provide.  So dig up some courage, and join in! 

1.  You’ll Have Fun with Your Friends

This benefit is a bit obvious, but spending time with friends in a light-heated activity can be a bonding experience.  Signing with another person also creates a sense of community.

2.  You’ll Build Your Confidence

The more you put yourself out there in front of an audience, the easier it will become.  You’re building confidence in yourself, and stretching your abilities. 

3.  Singing Makes You Happy

Signing releases endorphins into the brain, improving your mood, and giving you a natural high.

4.  You’ll get a Workout

Singing increases the air in your lungs, as you’re breathing deeper, and the gets the blood pumping through your heart.  You’re also using your stomach muscles, specifically your diaphragm, to control the air moving in and out of your voice.

5.  Singing is Good for Your Respiratory System

As stated above, signing increases the air in your lungs.  This increases the circulation of air in your body and your lung capacity overall.  As more air passes and circulates, it strengthens your lungs, and clears your respiratory tubes and sinuses.

6.  Singing is a Stress-Reliever

The brain also releases oxytocin, which has been found to alleviate anxiety and stress.

7.  Signing Improves Your Voice

Articulation is stressed through signing instruction, and this will carry over into your speaking voice.  You also improve through practice. 

8.  Signing is Good for Your Brain

When you memorize lyrics, you are exercising your brain by concentrating.  Signing involves multiple senses, which increase brain function.

So get on stage and belt out your best “Don’t Stop Believin’!”  You’ll reap all of the benefits listed above, as well as cheers from the crowd!  Still skeptical?  Action is the best test. 

The RISE Comedy Playhouse in Denver features KARAOKE on Friday nights, with a songbook of over 30,000 songs and the most fun and supportive karaoke crowd anywhere in town. Plus, it’s FREE, with no drink minimums!  Contact us for more information.