Standup Comedy On The Rise: Ron Funches

Ron Funches Standup ComedyWe all know how fun and entertaining standup comedy can be.  There are plenty of stand ups out there today that are not only making people laugh, but also revealing injustices around the world.  This is why stand up is not only great entertainment, but also a very important art form, and knowing about all the rising comedians you can is very important.  Of those rising stand ups, few are shining quite as brightly currently as Ron Funches.  Funches not only is an articulate stand up, but he also has a great deal of insightful things to say on podcast and the like.

Ron’s stage persona is that of a huggable teddy bear that reveals stories about his life and the wonder in it.  He is so good that he has recently been offered a half hour special on Comedy Central that will tape and air sometime this year.

As seen in his appearances on podcasts such as The Champs and You Made It Weird, Ron is also very engaging and articulate.  He regularly talks about his autistic son and how his marriage fell apart because of his love of all things stand up comedy related.

If you are looking to find a great new comedian to learn about, the Ron Funches is your guy.  He is not only one of the best stand ups around, but he is also very articulate and open to talking about his life.  If you would like to learn more about stand up comedy, please contact us.