Improv Comedy At Its Finest

Smiling ManTo improvise is to be able to speak, perform, and create with what is available at that moment in time. People like these types of comedic acts because it is real; it is human. Improv is like watching a living breathing act be created. Unless recorded, that act will never be seen again. Those able to witness an improv comedy act will have a unique experience that can only be described to those who were not there at the time. The audience can recommend it to their friends and go time after time because it will never be the same.

In order to be able to deliver a great improv comedy act there has to be an unheard communication with those involved, and they have to have quick deliveries that are seamless and funny. Thanks to the very talented comedians, the audience has no idea what is coming next.

The improv artists at RISE Comedy Playhouse have an amazing ability to be funny on the spot. It does not matter the topic, the audience, or the place because they adapt and entertain. They do not have to try to be funny because they take real life situations and let us see and find the humor in them.

If you are looking for entertainment like no other, you need to check out RISE Comedy Playhouse. Whether looking for a night out, or looking to hone your own improv skills through classes offered, this is the place to be. In addition to the great improv acts voted the Best Improv Night, RISE Comedy Playhouse is also a Top 5 Comedy Night in Westword’s 2013 Best Of Denver. From improv Broadway acts, to literary acts and movies, you will find something that sparks your interest with a night out at a unforgettable downtown Denver hot spot. Contact us for more information or visit