Improv Comedy: A Standout In Standup

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DCM2012ASSSSCATImprov comedy is a well-known comedic pastime in the entertainment industry.  It’s unique, original and always offers a one-of-a kind show complete with spontaneous punch lines! If you’re looking for something unique to do for a night out, here are three other reasons to check out an improv comedy show – you’ll be glad you did!

1) Improv comedy offers a team comedy effort: Improv comedy provides a team of actors to entertain you. Instead of one, lone comedian taking the stage; the humor of improv comedy builds as the acting team takes audience suggestions, acts out skits, performs song & dance numbers and plays off of each other’s comedic strengths for your viewing pleasure.

2) Improv comedy guarantees a spontaneous, original show: If your favorite brand of comedy includes unique punch lines and brand-new themes; than improv comedy is the place for you. Because improv comedy is always created on the spot, audience members are 100% guaranteed a completely original and unique show every time they come.

3) Improv comedy allows for audience participation: Perhaps the best, most engaging aspect of improv comedy is the freedom audience members have to participate in the creation of new comedy routines. The acting team will poll the audience for their suggestions in themes, topics, song suggestions and roles that they will than act out in their skits. Come with your best suggestions and you just might see it on stage!

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