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COVID Guidelines & Requirements

Updated 12/28/21:
Vaccination and proof of vaccination status are required for all RISE Comedy guests, students, performers and staff.

RISE Comedy students, please see below to upload your vaccination status card.

Click HERE to view the City of Denver's current COVID FAQ & guidelines.

The City of Denver has mandated that a facility either be fully vaccinated or require masks indoors. As a company, we have decided to be a fully vaccinated facility, and encourage mask wearing indoors. For more information on the mandate please click HERE.

In the interest of public safety and responsibility, we are adopting a building wide policy of only admitting folks who are fully vaccinated into RISE Comedy. This includes patrons, performers, students and staff. We are also asking any staff who are working/volunteering during performances to do so in a mask. This decision will be accompanied by signage saying that masks are recommended and appreciated for all patrons as well as a signage that indicates that proof of vaccination will be required to enter.

We know the effectiveness of masks relies upon overwhelming buy in from those in attendance, we also know the more people in masks, encourages more people in masks. As of now, performers will not be required to wear masks during their performances, but they are welcome to wear one if they want. Our official mask policy for non-performers is that they are recommended and appreciated but not mandated as of yet.

This policy will be in place indefinitely until the risks to and from the unvaccinated are mitigated to acceptable levels.

Every person who purchases a ticket or class online will have to indicate that they’re aware and understand they will need to prove they’re vaccinated (as well as all members of their party) in order to enter, we will accept hard copies of vaccination cards as well as pictures of a finished vaccination card. Also keep in mind, your final shot will need to have happened 2 weeks before the date of the show you’re there to attend or perform in.

Please help yourself, your neighbors and local businesses like ours by getting vaccinated.

Student Proof of Vaccination

RISE Comedy students, please use this quick form to upload your proof of vaccination. Email [email protected] with questions. Thank you!
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