It’s Wendi!

I recently watched a Fighter and the Kid Podcast with the guest Wendi McLendon-Covey and it was one of the best ones, had me laughing.

Wendi has been in TV and film since 2001 and has killed it with her parts in things like “Reno 911”  (73 episodes!) and “Bridesmaids“, which won and was nominated for a ridiculous amount of awards,  just see for yourself.  <– Is that a run-on sentence? Ah, who cares anymore, I passed English in high school that’s what REALLY matters….

If you’ve never seen Reno 911 this clip of her and her co-cops trying to bag a chicken will give you an idea of it’s greatness. (Great hair)

Remember her on Rules of engagement?

And lastly but not leastly guess what yes she’s plays a huge role (Mom) on the wildly popular series “The Goldbergs” which is in it’s third season. Also it’s amazing.  I found this montage of her character Beverly.

Watch the Goldbergs 3rd season going on now on ABC!

-KJ Willy