Ralplhie Raw

I stumbled upon this great interview with Ralphie May on the LaughSpin Podcast which for some reason doesn’t seem to active anymore. This interview is from 6 months ago and I am really surprised that when the interview was posted on the LaughSpin soundcloud page, all kinds of reporters didn’t churn out a ton of stories about how Ralphie May believes Comedy Central doesn’t give him a show (sitcom or similar) because of his weight. In other interviews he talks about being thankful to them for his specials though. This interview was one of the most serious comeidan interviews I have ever heard and I love it, Ralphie is the man. He also talks about women in the business, his childhood, and his relationship with his older brother. It just made me love Ralphie more. I had actually never even heard of LaughSpin until I found this interview which surprises me but it seems like I find new stuff on the internet dealing with standup everyday.

Ralphie was the Runner up on the very first season of Last Comic standing (should have won) and has 13 hours of recorded material in ten years. I don’t know of any other comic who has that? Here’s the interview don’t worry there is some funny shit in there too of course:

Here’s Ralphie telling an absolutely hilarious story on Ari Shaffir’s “This Is Not Happening”.

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