There are many many hilarious Italian folks in comedy, and a very funny one I just discovered is a guy named Sebastian Maniscalco. He says he’s half Italian half Sicilian. I watched his whole special the other day when I should have been doing something else simply because I could not stop watching. He doesn’t really talk that much about being Italian, but everything he talks about is absolutely hilarious, got great stage presence. Here’s the special I watched:

Anytime anyone sits down with the great Joey Diaz it’s always a great listen. Here’s Sebastian on an episode of “The Church of What’s Happening Now”.

Sebastian’s latest special was only released a few month’s ago in November 2014. It’s called “Aren’t You Embarassed” and was filmed in Chicago, his hometown. Here’s a snippet of it, I haven’t seen this one but I plan on buying it.

Check out his tour page and see if he’s coming to your town!

-KJ Willy