Jerry, Jim, and Jay

Jerry Seinfeld,  Jim Carrey,  and Jay Leno have something in common to be proud of, besides being funny and beloved by the world. All three of these guys debuted their act on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson“. Johnny Carson was where it all started. The sit down and talk with a celebrity era that hasn’t ended, and might never end. If you’re not familiar here’s a quick catchup:

Jerry Seinfeld appeared on Carson 7 years before the hit show “Seinfeld” hit america. Which, by the way, TV Guide calls “The Greatest Television Program of All Time”. If you watch one episode, it’s hard to not watch the other 179, that’s right, 9 years of episodes. Anywho, on 4/06/82 seeming a little nervous Jerry debuted but recovered in the end:

Jim Carrey’s first American TV Appearance was also on Carson, and he chose to do an impression. It was quite the lengthy impression of Elvis Presley. It didn’t seem like everyone in the audience enjoyed it but never the less it took a lot of  spunk and moxie to get up there and do it, that’s for damn sure!


Jay Leno. Oh Jay. Jay, Jay, Jay. The former host of “The Tonight Show” has his comedy debut on “The Tonight Show”. That is pretty sweet. Do you think Carson was thinking “This guy is going to be my successor”? I doubt that very much, but Leno showed us. He took over in 1992 and drove it home until 2009! Here we witness his late night christening in 1977.

-KJ Willy