Standup Comedy, Virgin Airlines and Having More Fun on Your Next Flight

virgin-airlines-2-1By now you may have heard about Virgin Airlines featuring standup comedy on some of their flights. Even if your only source of in-flight entertainment is your iPad, there are some lessons here for making your next trip more enjoyable.

Virgin launched the entertainment program in August on its London to Manchester and Edinburgh routes. Travelers got treated to live pop-up shows by comedians who were appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The events were announced on social media, but the passengers were given no clue ahead of time. The program recently got revived in honor of Nigerian Independence Day on October 2. That country’s hottest funny man, Basket Mouth, gave a special performance on a flight from Lagos to London.

When you think about it, standup comedy can’t make the fees and fare hikes go away, but it can help you have a better time when you’re traveling. Keep a few things in mind the next time you board a flight:

Go with it: The lack of control plays a big part in why we find travel annoying. Think about performers who are on the road for long stretches. As long as you’ve got an adequate bed, learn to overlook the daisy-print wallpaper.

Gear yourself up: Just like a live show, travel is easier when you’re in the right frame of mind. Get plenty of rest and engage in positive self talk.

Laugh it off: Like we said, comedy can’t make the fees go away. However, airlines can start calling them “enhancements.” Try to see the humorous side in being charged extra for a seat if you want enough room to accommodate both your legs.

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