Skip The Summer Reruns. Give Improvisation A Try!

imagesNow, don’t get me wrong. I find the original comedy from some of today’s television sit-coms just as delightfully entertaining as anybody. Shows like Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Mike and Molly, and Two And A Half Men are all very capable of providing the occasional chuckle and even an actual laugh out loud, gut buster every now and again. However, it is summer time now, and as we all know in the television world, that means rerun time…

Modern Family can be downright hilarious the first time around. But watching the same show a second time around…eh, not so much. Time to find something different to get your healthy, prescriptive dose of laughter into your routine. Why not step away from the television set once in awhile and go out for some comedic improvisation?

Improv is 100% original content all the time. Every show is original and never to be repeated. So each time you go out seeking laughter and entertainment, you are sure to never see the same old, stale content a second time. Not to mention the fact that you’ll never have to endure a laugh track telling you when you’re supposed to laugh. Trust me, you will instinctively know when it’s time to laugh!

Improvisation can be a great break from the world of summer reruns. On any given night, you could be treated to a fully improvised Broadway musical, a classic literary reproduction, or even an improvised version of a classic monster movie. Why watch the same episode of Two And A Half Men for the second or third time, when you can laugh the night away with completely original performances every time?

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