Notes I gave Distort Report

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Here are some notes I gave Distort Report recently. I hope they are of benefit to you as well.

Use, “If, then” logic for scene ideas. If (blank) did (blank), then where else can (blank) be done. If (blank) happened, then such and such must happen. If (blank) exists, then such and such must also exist. Not limited to those options, of course.


Try “Awkward Aftermath” for scenes. After the tour bus overturned, what happens right after that? After naked guy got shot by cop, what happens right after that?


Stick with emotion if all else isn’t working. Always have a chosen emotion/point of view anyway.


When the scene’s wad has been blown, edit.


When the scene is at a standstill, heighten by raising the stakes with a walk on or someone in the scene raise the stakes. Or edit if its not going anywhere.

Don’t bring a fix it belt on stage. Embrace the awkward situation. Say yes to being uncomfortable. Turn off your monkey mind of, “This needs to be remedied.”


The agreement is implied.


If you’re making a unique choice that may not be clear, make a declarative statement at the beginning of scene to let your partner know what you’re doing, without being exposition-y.


Listen. Listen. Listen. On and off the stage. It’s our show. Its your show. The whole show. Pay attention to everything.


The game is the train that you don’t get off of.


Don’t tag out too soon. Know what the deal is. The longer you wait for a tag out the more info you have to play with.


No negotiation. No competition. “No try, only do.” = “No negotiation, only do.”


Always be ready to jump onstage. No arms crossed, no leaning against wall.  It’s our show. It’s your show. The whole show.


Don’t crap out the scene and your partners for a joke.