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Veteran teacher and performer Paul Vaillancourt has logged more hours with the Improvised Movie than perhaps anyone on the planet and he is bringing all that experience to this class.
In this class you are going to learn everything you need to know to improvise fun, exciting, on-the-fly movies in front of an audience; story structure for coherent narratives, using camera angles to help tell (and sell) the story, working with the ensemble, techniques for making your characters more dynamic and engaging and how to bring special effects to life on stage.
This class is for you if:
– You are an improviser and a fan of movies
– You are interested in narrative improv of any sort
– You are an improviser looking to really round out your education in improv
– You are a screenwriter looking for a new way to loosen up, try new ideas, and have fun
– You love telling stories
– You are looking to expand your improv work in a way that no other long-form will

Paul Vaillancourt Headshot Paul Vaillancourt is the co-founder (with Charna Halpern) of the iO West and has been teaching and performing improv for close to 30 years. In that time he has appeared all over the country including such notable venues as HBO’s Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Chicago’s iO (where he studied with the immortal Del Close), New York’s UCB Theater, and Austin’s Out of Bounds Festival to name a few. Paul is also a successful writer and producer, co-creating and serving as supervising writer for the MTV hit “The Blame Game” as well as lending his writing and producing talents to a score of other shows for MTV, VH1, USA, Oxygen, Bravo, AMC and MGM. He published a book about improv called “The Triangle of the Scene” (available on iBooks and Amazon Kindle) and produces a weekly series of videos called “Improv Tips” available on his YouTube channel PVImprov.