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Show Date: Friday, May 31, 2024 @ 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM MT
Location: RISE Comedy, 1260 22nd St, Denver, CO 80205
Price: $16/advance & $19/door + ticketing fee
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The Cycle of Aimless Drifting – Fri 5/31/24 @ 7:00 PM MT

Kit T. Pedler presents the Cycle of Aimless Drifting, the comedy show that goes on forever!

In this show, Kit plays a wide array of talent from the eccentric to the neurotic as they perform in the Aimless Drifting Comedy Show, a show that against all logic goes on forever. At the Aimless Drifting Comedy Show, performers promise to look deep into the void within as well as the infinity that surrounds them so that they can bring you back something special, whether that be pain, suffering, or laughter. Come join us for a show that’s equal parts hilariously enlightening and existentially dreadful!